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I don't know

what I'm doing.

Well, I'm Hannah. I'm a pretty chill person. I'm the person that bottles shit up inside till it bursts. I'm quiet but we all have our moments when we need to be heard. I love my family and friends; my mom and sister know me better than anyone, and the only reason I have a fighting chance at anything is because of them. I'm officially aunt to the coolest, most beautiful little baby girl named Roxy! =] My friends are the best; I would die for them. I have a lot but there are only a few that are as close as family. I'm into all kinds of things; I love music and I would die without it. I love gory movies. I think shoes should be against the law. I like watching Roseanne and The Golden Girls and humping my friends. I really love photography, and I think it would be cool to someday be a burlesque/pin-up girl. I love the 1940's/50's era. Anything vintage or retro; I LOVE IT!. I'm really into psychology and I was going to school to be a criminal psychologist. I would really like to work in the prison systems to delve into the mind of a serial killer. I really don't know what it is that attracts me to that sort of thing, but I think it is truly fascinating. I really like gory things. I can sit in front of the PS2 all day and play Silent Hill 3 and have a good time. I like to be scared on purpose; I love the rush. I like to go on paranormal investigations and I am a member of GGPI and SPIS. I like zombies and tattoos, and boys who like zombies and tattoos. =]